Sunday, October 19, 2014

Third Sunday in a Hotel

We're still alive, mildly crazy but alive! Friday proved to be a test of my patience, the kids were absolutely board stiff despite homework and activities (they will now admit to missing school!) I went to make dinner and realized the milk looked like it was going to explode... The fridge had broken. We threw out all the perishable foods because the fridge had been warm for over 15 hours. So we went out for dinner and then drove 40 min (via lots of traffic) to our storage unit to pick up a few needed items... It closed 4 minutes before we arrived. Go figure. Saturday in the late afternoon we had a new fridge installed but couldn't buy groceries because it still took a few hours to get cold. Jeff woke up this morning sick and I curled up in a ball and just thought "really???".

But....then things started to improve (After  I wrangled all four kids to breakfast and then got them ready for church... Poor Jeff really wasn't feeling good at all.) 

First, in Sacrament meeting there was a talk that got to me. The speaker mentioned that we should always be able to recognize the atonement in all topics discussed at church.. Which means for me I need to be able to recognize the atonement in all aspects of my life.  I have gotten so busy in complaining lately ... How is complaining reflective of my grade tide or understanding of the atonement?... It doesn't. I recognize that  I haven't changed my bad habits, I think that my life is so important, my wants and needs critical, I'm really quite selfish. But her talk made me think about how much my Savior really has done for me. I really need to work on this bad habit and how it reflects an attitude of ingratitude when in fact, I am truly most grateful. 

Then in RElief Society we had a talk on prayer.... Now I knew Heavenly Father was prepping these talks for me personally.  We talked about always keeping a prayer in our hearts; the good better and best forms of prayer. So many thoughts came of ways that I can improve my personal prayers and assist my children in their own. These prayers can be a coping mechanism for me when I struggle and rather than complaining I can work in expressing gratitude for my many blessings. 

I really do love it when I leave church feeling spiritually refreshed. I was so pleased tonight with my children, as the older two spoke their own personal prayers, their kind expressions of gratitude and request for assistance in their own lives,  left me feeling so grateful for the opportunity to help my children develop a relationship with their Heavenly Father. 

So another week starts tomorrow and we still don't know when our papers will get signed but I am optimistic. I may not be able to change my circumstances but I can change things about myself and the way I handle things. 

Happy Sabbath!

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