Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Food in a suitcase and four in a bed.

A few years ago in general conference a story was told of the man that traveled on a cruise and packed all of his food with him. He was so concerned about not spending money that he did not think you could afford the fancy food as he traveled. Towards the end of his journey he found out that all the food on the ship was included in the price of his ticket. 

We had a very similar experience today as we finished playing in the park we are waiting for Jeff to get home late from work I walked through the lobby up to my hotel room. When passing the lobby I saw that a bunch of people were there having fajitas and there's piano music being played. I asked the front desk that an event was going on and he kindly explained that every Monday Tuesday and Wednesday night they had a social hour which include a free dinner.  You're kidding me last week I've been cooking in a very very tiny hotel kitchen trying to find food that would fit on the tiny shelves and feed a large family, without having to go to the grocery store every day.  I am easily turn the kids and said we're stopping here dinners already made!!!!

Tonight Jeff was awesome and help me fix my cracked screen on my iPhone. The kids all snuggled up on one bad now that we're going to bed two of them will move the sofa bed.

We saw for a new apartments today and I think we've narrowed down to two favorites and I will do some investigation tomorrow to see which has the higher population of children getting off buses will be near children's age.

I can officially say that I hate driving in DC. When looking at apartments today I parked where I thought it was clearly marked is two hour parking. When I came out I found out that I had a $50 ticket because I was in a no parking zone! I was also almost mowed over by a bus today in a construction zone, you would think my minivan would be easy to see but apparently it's not. Then someone flipped me the birdie because  they were trying to merge into my lane along with 59 other cars. I let two kindly in and then proceeded forward, but this guy was mad that I didn't let three in. I swear no one is a nice driver here, it's all about takingn care of yourself. But that's ok, I'll try to set a good example of curtioudly driving, keep track of all the speed limits and read all parking signs. I can totally handle this!

Follow up... I still haven't signed up for the marathon. My hip is still tight from last nights 4 mile run. :( I think my body is telling me that I need to do some isolation stength training it seems like I always have a muscle or two that give me fits when I want to train for something. So I'm holding off on registering. For now I'm going to just start building up my miles. I'll open up the invitation who wants to run the DC half with me in March? I can always find another full marathon for the summer. 

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