Sunday, October 12, 2014

First Sunday in the Crystal City Ward

We attended our new ward today, Jeff and I made a few observations....

1.  We aren't in Oz anymore. 

2.  We may have the largest family in the ward. 

3.  The whole Sr. Primary is one class. 

4. The RS is so big it divides into two classes. 

5. There are no YW.... There goes babysitting. 

6.  Only 150 people moved in over the last few months... There is a lot of turnover. 

7. My guess is that we won't have any callings... Where would they put us? They do t need primary teachers. 

8.  Everyone was really nice but I'm really missing my church friends... I'm hoping to make some close friends here but I have a feeling most will be acquaintances. I wonder who we will become good friends with especially since when there aren't a lot of big families in the ward. This will be an adjustment for sure. 

It really was a nice day I just feel lost and off my game. Part of me feels like I have nothing to offer or unique to give to this ward with such a huge RS and so many other new people. I've got to come up with a new strategy for making friends... The dynamics here are way off norm for me.  I always loved a challange so here goes. 

One more positive note, they haven't had stake conference yet so maybe il just go and join the choir!

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