Saturday, October 11, 2014

First day as a tourist...

Today we saw the Museum of Amrican History. It's pretty cool, we enjoyed a fast metro ride in and then headed out on foot. We had the opportunity to see the Washington Monument but tickets were sold out by 9:30 am! So we will make some early arrangements to come back and walk a few hundred steps to the top.  The museum has a lot of fun exhibits Jeff loved the at homes Wddison and inventions. EHRE Elise and I had fun looking at the dresses of the First Ladies and Ben loved the train and car room. It was really impressive to see the Star Spangled Banner, what an impressive and large flag! Now we have split ways. I'm here with Beck asleep in the stroller and Elise is asleep in the baby harness on my chest. (She isn't as light as she used to be!) the others are checking out "Foos, transforming the American table". It's so easy for us to come and see the museums I'm sure we will do this often. 1/lots done!

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